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This technology facilitates computer-enhanced learning, reasoning, and perception. Artificial Intelligence stimulates human intelligence in machines. In addition to customer service, lead generation, fraud detection, and quality control, AI is used in various tasks.

Most Demanding AI Jobs in 2024

The following are the most in-demand jobs that you can pursue after learning Artificial Intelligence in 2024.

  • Machine Learning Engineer – In machine learning engineering, you will design scalable models that are useful for handling massive data volumes in real time. ML engineering is among the top-paying jobs in AI with up to six figures.
  • Data Scientists – The primary responsibility of a Data Scientist is to transform raw information into actionable insights. Data Scientists are highly skilled in fields such as statistics, mathematics, or computer science. They can even become Director of Data Science in the future.
  • Business Intelligence Developer – This job role requires great skills and knowledge in data analysis, as well as familiarity with BI technologies. Additionally, you will be responsible for designing and maintaining complex data on cloud-based platforms.
  • Research Scientist – These professionals are the face of AI innovation, exploring and solving complex problems, combining their knowledge of several AI disciplines with computer science abilities.
  • Big Data Engineer – This job requires a lot of hands-on experience with programming languages and data management, along with knowledge of Hadoop and Spark systems to create robust big data environments.
  • AI Software Engineers – Their job is to develop and maintain tools for AI. This role requires a bachelor’s degree in a relevant IT field. These professionals reduce the gap between data scientists and architects.
  • Software Architect – A Software Architect is responsible for designing and maintaining AI systems, and they also play a very important role in shaping AI’s architecture. This position requires extensive practical experience.
  • Data Analyst – Many companies hire Data Analysts because they are highly skilled in SQL, Python, analytics tools, and business intelligence. This is a highly-paying job role that requires excellent skills in SQL, Python, analytics tools, and business intelligence.
  • Robotics Engineer – Their job role requires great skill and expertise in CAD/CAM systems, vision systems, and the Internet of Things (IoT) in order to maintain and create AI-powered robots.
  • NLP Engineer – You will work with human language, voice assistants, speech recognition, and document processing in your role as an NLP engineer. In addition to statistical analysis and computational techniques, NPS engineers need to have proficiency in languages such as Python as well.

Salary Expectations for Fresher AI Engineer 

You can expect an average salary of around 4-5 lakhs INR per year as an AI Engineer after completing Artificial Intelligence Course in Kochi, if you have no prior experience. In a fresher position, you can earn more than the average salary of many professions. In an entry-level position, you can earn as much as 6,00,000 INR. AI Engineering is one of the most profitable careers in the world right now. Skilled professionals in AI are in high demand and companies are willing to pay them high salaries. After gaining experience of 2-4 years, you can expect to earn between 8 and 12 lakhs INR. In addition, senior-level specialists earn between 30 and 50 lakhs INR annually.

Career Growth

The hottest technology of our day is Artificial Intelligence, and it’s constantly improving and updating itself. Many companies are investing in AI technology and seeking skilled professionals with AI skills. AI jobs are abundant, and hiring rates have increased by 32% in recent years. As a result of the high talent gap and the lack of qualified candidates for vacant AI positions, AI professionals get a high salary. AI jobs require a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field. You should also have a strong background in mathematics, statistics, and computer languages like Python. Once you start a career in AI, you can get a lot of career-related benefits and grow your career quickly. There are many institutes in Delhi that offer Artificial Intelligence Courses, which one can enroll in to advance in this field.

Why Should You Learn AI?

As a result of Artificial Intelligence, human errors are reduced and accuracy and precision are increased. Furthermore, artificial intelligence overcomes various risks by letting AI robots handle them. The AI technology ensures 24×7 availability and is much faster than humans. It can also perform multiple tasks at a time with accurate results. The AI algorithms can also handle repetitive tasks with accuracy. Digital assistance eliminates the need for human intervention with this technology. In addition to providing unbiased decisions, Artificial Intelligence plays an important role in more accurate decision-making. The following are a few more reasons why you should learn it:

  • Your employability is enhanced.
  • AI offers many high-paying jobs.
  • It is possible to network with experts around the world.
  • The field has a wide range of applications.
  • Many leading companies use it as the skill of the century.
  • It is capable of consuming a large amount of data.
  • Society also benefits from this technology.

As a result of artificial intelligence, robots can be programmed to think, perceive, and learn. Artificial intelligence is one of today’s most innovative and rapidly developing technologies, enabling computer-assisted reasoning, perception, and learning. Business owners are investing in artificial intelligence (AI) technology and seeking qualified candidates with AI experience. In addition to creating, programming, and training intricate networks of algorithms, AI engineers must also maintain the current AI infrastructure and systems as well as develop new AI products. By using AI algorithms, repetitive tasks can be handled. With this technology, human intervention is no longer necessary since it provides digital assistance. Your business can post its best practices on the web. Furthermore, this technology is beneficial to society.

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