Softloom IT Training provides a comprehensive and professional Selenium training program, led by experienced industry professionals. Aspiring professionals will gain in-depth knowledge of various aspects of Selenium, including setup, components, locator techniques, Selenium IDE, Selenium Webdriver, Selenium testing, and Page Object Model (POM).

Moreover, the course includes Java training as a complementary module, designed to enhance the test scripts written using WebDriver methods. In addition, the course covers generating reports using TestNG and JUnit, which are crucial for successful automation testing.

By enrolling in Selenium training course, aspirants can take a significant step towards a rewarding career in automation testing. With its comprehensive coverage and industry-oriented approach, Softloom IT Training’s Selenium course equips aspirants with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the field. So, why wait? Sign up today and take the first step towards a bright future!

Who is eligible to apply?

For professionals seeking career growth and advancement, learning Selenium can be a game-changer. However, to excel in this field, candidates must possess certain essential skills such as analytical prowess, effective communication, exceptional time management, and organizational abilities.

Selenium Testing Training is specifically designed to cater to professionals who aspire to become:

  • Automation testers
  • Application testers, 
  • QA engineers, 
  • Software developers,
  • System analysts,
  • Administrators, 
  • BI professionals
  • ETL professionals.

By undertaking this training program, professionals can equip themselves with the necessary tools and techniques to thrive in the competitive world of software testing. Whether you are an experienced professional or a novice in the field, Selenium Testing Training can take your career to new heights.

Well-versed in Software Testing: What Does It Mean?

Selenium is an open-source suite of automated testing tools that offers cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility for web-based applications. Comprising a range of software, Selenium can cater to the diverse testing needs of any organization. The four key components of Selenium testing include the Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE), Selenium Remote Control (RC), WebDriver, and Selenium Grid.

A proficient Selenium Tester possesses the skills to design effective test cases, decide which aspects to automate, carry out API and test performance testing, and troubleshoot failed test cases. With their expertise, they can help organizations optimize their testing processes and ensure that their applications meet the highest quality standards.

In today’s highly competitive business landscape, it’s crucial for organizations to deliver flawless software applications that meet or exceed their customers’ expectations. By mastering Selenium testing, professionals can acquire the expertise needed to help their organizations achieve these goals. So, if you’re looking to take your career to the next level, enroll in a Selenium training course today and embark on a path to success!

Why is Selenium Training in Kochi Softloom IT training?

  • A comprehensive understanding of Selenium will be provided in Kochi at Softloom IT training.
  • Along with examples, students will learn about browser, interactive, informational, and validation commands.
  • Students will understand key-driven and hybrid frameworks.
  • Scripts from the framework will be demonstrated to students.
  • Students will understand manual testing.
  • By using functions in Selenium, the students will learn how to create genetic scripts.
  • Softloom it training experts will aim to impart a comprehensive understanding of data-driven and modular frameworks.
  • Softloom’s selenium training in Cochin provides the finest practical training in automation testing.
  • Trainees will learn test automation tools and processes.
  • Students will learn how to perform regression testing and functional testing.