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Android Training In Kochi!

Android Training In Kochi!

The most popular mobile platform worldwide is Android. Android OS developers are in high demand due to the widespread use of smartphones and the success of the Android operating system. This gives a massive opportunity for developers with more than 1 billion Android devices already active. In addition, recent years have seen an explosion in Android app development as more and more people switch to Android smartphones. Thus, Android developers are in high demand in most IT companies. Softloom IT Solutions provides the best Android training in Kochi to help you become an Android pro.
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Android Course Overview

Softloom IT Solutions offers the best short-term, job-oriented Android application development training course. You will learn the core concepts and frameworks of Android development to secure a job. The mobility segment is much sought after, or they can develop their products.

Course Objectives

  • Become an expert in Android app development.

  • Understand the Android architecture in depth.

  • As an Android developer, you can publish your apps on the Google Play store.

  • Become an expert in Android wearable app development.

Android app development course in Kochi

Our Android training course covers the entire application development lifecycle, from fundamental Java programming concepts to full-fledged Android development. You will become a well-rounded professional. The course will enable you to create and develop an Android app. There is no need for previous experience or knowledge. The course will provide a strong start for your career as an Android developer.

At Softloom IT Training, students are given live projects from our clients to provide them with real-time experience. We offer 100% placement assistance. A comprehensive presentation of Android development concepts and tools is provided, along with the latest technological developments and updated business practices.

Why Learn From Softloom

Training in Android Application Development takes place in our well-equipped practical labs.   Individual PCs are provided for students to practice what they have learned in the theory sessions.  Also, Intensive On-the-Job Android Training on Live Projects. Our instructors are experts in their fields.

As a result, the training you receive will include cutting-edge information in both theory and practice. In order to make our trainees suitable for the technology, we provide a complete, well-crafted training course on Android, and upon full fulfillment of the course requirements, students will receive certificate.

Complete Lab Session

  • We have all the devices you need to learn Android Application Development in our labs.

  • Students are given individual computers to implement their lessons in theory sessions. In addition, we offer intensive Android training on live projects on the job.

Expert Trainers

  • Our Android Application Development Training staff operate at the frontier of their fields.

  • Thus, you will learn cutting-edge material from both theory and practice.

Become a Full Stack Android Developer in 90 Days

Android Syllabus & Course Details

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Frequently Asked Questions

Android app development is a rapidly growing field, with a vast scope of career opportunities. After completing the Android Training Program at Softloom, you could work as a freelance app developer, join a tech startup, or even work with established companies that maintain their Android applications. We provide placement assistance to our graduates to help them step into the professional world with confidence

At Softloom, we believe in hands-on, personalized support. Throughout the Android Training Program, you’ll receive mentorship from experienced Android developers, access to a community of learners for collaboration and problem-solving, and regular assessments and feedback on your progress. Our instructors are available to answer your queries and assist with projects.

This program is suitable for anyone who has a keen interest in mobile app development, especially on the Android platform. Prior experience in programming, particularly in Java, can be beneficial, but it’s not a strict prerequisite. We have designed our course to be suitable for beginners as well as for intermediate learners looking to refine their skills.

Softloom’s Android Training Program in Kochi is an intensive course designed to equip students with the knowledge & skills necessary to develop applications for Android platforms. This program covers all the fundamental concepts, including Android SDK, layouts, activities, and more, along with more advanced topics like data persistence, APIs, and Material Design.