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Developers favor ASP.NET Core as a robust and secure development framework for creating applications on any platform or device. Its high performance and cross-platform nature have made it a go-to choice since its 2016 release and its open-source nature ensures scalability.

Statista reports that ASP.NET Core Framework ranks sixth among the most beloved web frameworks for developing web applications worldwide.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced web developer, it’s important to grasp the significance of ASP.NET Core for your career, especially in 2023. In this article, we’ll explore what ASP.NET Core is, its applications, notable features, and its relevance in the coming years.

Understanding ASP.Net Core

ASP.NET Core framework by Microsoft can build web applications and web APIs across various platforms. Its model view controller (MVC) pattern helps organize and simplify code structure, making it easy to understand. ASP.NET Core is a highly flexible, modular, fast framework perfect for enterprise device deployment. Developers can use it to produce and deploy mobile, desktop, web, and IoT applications. Additionally, ASP.NET Core seamlessly integrates with cloud-based solutions and services such as Azure and Google Cloud Platform, making it effortless to deploy cloud-based solutions without any worries about underlying infrastructure or programming languages.

The Uses of ASP.Net Core

Uses of ASP.Net Core Core is a modern web development framework that addresses the needs of contemporary web developers. It boasts numerous advantages over other frameworks, particularly in enhancing the stability, scalability, and security of applications. Below are some popular applications of ASP.NET among developers. 

Developing Robust Web Applications

ASP.NET is a versatile platform that enables the development of web applications, from simple websites to complex enterprise-level applications. It offers a variety of device and features for designing dynamic and responsive web pages.

 Building E-commerce Websites

Many use ASP.NET to create e-commerce websites with advanced transactional capabilities, including shopping carts, payment gateways, and order tracking.

Creating user-centric CMS

Developers can use ASP.NET to create website content management systems (CMS) that enable non-technical users to manage and create website content easily.

Developing APIs

With ASP.NET, you can create APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that other applications can utilize. This is beneficial for establishing connections with other systems and applications.

 Cloud-based Applications

With ASP.NET, you can easily develop cloud-based applications accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. These apps can be hosted in the cloud for easy management and scalability.

 Mobile Applications

With ASP.NET, it’s possible to create mobile apps for Android and iOS through the Xamarin framework, which is based on ASP.NET.


Relevance of ASP.NET Core in 2023

ASP.Net Core


In 2023, several businesses like Airbnb and Pinterest are already utilizing Core to develop high-traffic websites. As the framework continues to evolve, we can expect further updates and advancements in its features, performance, and integration with other Microsoft technologies. New tools and libraries will also likely be developed to complement the framework, and the overall ecosystem of the .NET platform will continue to expand.

The future of ASP.NET Core will rely on its maintainers’ efforts and users’ demands. However, considering its popularity and continued support, it’s likely to remain a crucial part of the .NET ecosystem for years to come.

If you want to build a career as a developer in 2023, using the ASP.NET programming language would be a wise choice. Here are a few reasons why. 

It supports cross-platform development.

ASP.Net Core can be used on various platforms such as Windows, Linux, and MacOS. This allows for simpler deployment of your application on any operating system.

It helps improve performance

If you need to develop applications that are complex and demanding, ASP.Net Core is an superb choice because it is specifically designed for high performance.

Provides an architecture that is modular

The architecture of ASP.Net Core is modular, which means developers can choose only the components required for their applications. This reduces the overall size and enhances performance.

Makes it easy to integrate with microservices

With ASP.Net Core, you can easily develop scalable and modular applications by utilizing its support for building and integrating microservices.

It supports the latest web standards

With ASP.Net Core, developing modern web applications is easier because it supports the latest web standards like Web API and MVC.

Easy Integration with Cloud Services

ASP.Net Core comes with pre-built support for cloud services like Azure and AWS, making it simple for you to deploy and manage your applications in the cloud.

Offers strong security features

ASP.Net Core has security features integrated into it that safeguard your applications from potential dangers such as cross-site scripting (XSS) and cross-site request forgery (CSRF) attacks.

It’s open source

Developers can collaborate and contribute to the development of the framework more easily thanks to ASP.Net Core, which is an open-source platform.

Has a strong community support

The ASP.Net Core framework has a thriving community of developers who offer support, guidance, and tutorials on utilizing the platform.

It is being improved everyday

Microsoft and the community are constantly improving ASP.Net Core to keep up with the latest technology trends and meet the evolving needs of developers.


Choosing the right development framework for your career can be difficult with so many options available. To make an informed decision, it’s important to research and learn about popular frameworks. ASP.NET Core is a good choice for the future, with its modern front-end tech support, improved performance, modular design, and other powerful features. It’s expected to remain a top contender for web application development beyond 2023-24.
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