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You’ll enjoy this article more if I spoil it: Yes, you can still learn PHP in 2022.

Now let’s take a quick look at C# instead of PHP. Do you know any C# developers? How many C# developers do you know who don’t use .NET? Since .NET has become synonymous with C# developers, most C# developers will say, “I’m a .NET developer.” The same is true for PHP developers.

Developers can learn PHP in a few weeks if they study the concepts. The syntax is nearly identical to Java. So you don’t need more than a few weeks to grasp these crazy concepts.

Developing web applications with PHP is a server-side programming language. PHP, and its frameworks, are not for building mobile or desktop applications, but they may be helpful in developing web applications

An Introduction to PHP

An Introduction to PHP

PHP, which was founded in 1994, is a server scripting language that is used to construct dynamic and interactive webpages (at the time of writing, PHP 8.1.11 is the latest version available). When it was first released, it allowed developers to add interactivity to their websites when the Dotcom boom was in full swing and businesses were racing to come online.

PHP is still widely used by 77.5% of websites despite newer programming languages emerging in recent years.

With PHP being used by 77.5% of websites, it may not be easy to understand why PHP is even a topic of discussion. To comprehend this, we must examine the specific applications where it is most usually encountered.

Applications using PHP

WordPress powers more than 35% of all websites (that’s 455 million web pages). WordPress, in case you hadn’t guessed, makes use of PHP.

With the massive number of sites hosted by WordPress, it seems doubtful they would abandon the language very soon. Therefore the demand for PHP knowledge appears to be here to stay.

Other prominent firms that use PHP for their websites include Wikipedia, Etsy, MailChimp, and Slack.

Nevertheless, few companies seem to prefer PHP. As a result, applications and prospects are often tethered to legacy platforms rather than being focused on producing content for new companies or commercial endeavours. This is an important consideration when looking forward to future programming opportunities.

Ease of Learning

Ease of Learning

Although I have buried this point until the end, I believe it was the most significant for me when determining whether or not to invest time in PHP Training.

PHP has many connections to other languages and is quite simple to learn. In addition, PHP’s syntax is based on Java and C, making it easier to learn than some other languages. Additionally, PHP has the advantage of having a wealth of documentation and tools readily available to anyone interested in learning it.

Several extensions are available to help with the learning process and pace of autonomy, which is a significant plus.

The Verdict

Although the industry is moving towards newer programming languages, the heritage that PHP has built up, combined with the number of existing sites, ensures that it will be around for a long time.

Job opportunities are undoubtedly available; however, for developers interested in designing platforms for startups, these may not be the prospects that excite you — and this is important to consider.

For me, there will undoubtedly be a place to learn PHP in 2022. Although there may be trendier options available, I believe that understanding the fundamentals will be a helpful ability that will open up a more extensive range of chances in the future.

I hope this helped you understand PHP and why it is still essential to today’s development.

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