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The On-Page SEO mistakes done by web owners result in bad performance of the website. To avoid it, one must have a basic understanding of SEO. The process of On-Page SEO is to optimize the web page to get more traffic, ranking, and better user experience. Because search engines account for the majority of website traffic, SEO is important for marketing. The main focus of SEO today is link building. Link building is important, but your SEO strategy must correctly used for your campaign to be successful. Lets now discuss some of the on-page SEO mistakes that newcomers frequently make.

Common On-Page SEO mistakes are as follows:

Absence of Customized 404 page

404 Page

A website is set up to show up when a request results in the HTTP 404 response code. Even though the page doesn’t exist, the major goal of the 404 error page is to keep the user on the website. Therefore, you should make the 404 page engaging and imaginative rather than dull. Customers can tell that you care about their experience and are interested in keeping them on your website by looking for a 404 error page that is visually appealing and user-friendly.

Not Focusing on Optimal Content-Length

The more informative the content is, together with relevant keywords and backlinks, the more often it will get listed on the search engine results page (SERP). The use of pictures, videos, and infographics will provide users with a more profound impression. To increase traffic, website pages must use call-to-action elements. 500 to 1000 words are the recommended word count for landing pages. Your landing pages must be clear and succinct to ensure that you satisfy the user’s search intent and offer the details they require.

Poor Keyword Targeting

Select a suitable keyword. In SEO, keyword research is the first and most crucial phase. Even if it is a simple operation, success depends on choosing the right keyword for the company. Good keywords attract good customers. Many business owners, including SEO professionals, believe they understand what searchers are looking for, but keywords should be chosen based on evidence, not on whimsy or intuition. There are several effective tools available that make keyword research considerably simpler.

Bad SEO Techniques

Presenting alternate content or URLs to search engines and human users is known as cloaking. Users who utilize cloaking unexpected receive outcomes.

Stuffing websites with terms in an unfair attempt to get higher search results is known as keyword stuffing.

Duplicated content Consistency in your content creation might sometimes be detrimental. ensuring that information is written such that it can reach the broadest potential target audience Making certain that related keywords are there, adding meta and title tags, includes content optimization process.

Optimization of the home page

Most of the time, when a user searches for your brand on a search engine, they get the home page. Identify your target market and sketch out the layout of your website. Therefore, the home page needs to be well optimized for users. There are problems when your home page conversion rate is low. Fix every problem that appears on the homepage. Keep the front page straightforward but informative. Pay attention to the website’s speed as well. Your conversions may suffer if the home page loads slowly. Your website will load faster if the graphics and videos are of high quality. A good headline should be present, and if it is customer-focused, it can increase conversion rates.

Mobile-friendly website

Mobile-friendly website

While desktop users are occasionally on the decline, mobile users are occasionally on the rise. Simply building a website won’t accomplish the goal; it must be mobile responsive. Create flexible layouts for a better user experience and never pack a web page with too much content. There should only be pertinent information available. The right navigation buttons should be placed so that mobile users can easily obtain what they need. You could be losing out on additional conversion opportunities if you don’t concentrate on appropriate mobile optimization.  Avoiding these common on-page SEO mistakes can result in a better search engine ranking of your website.

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