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With over 31 million channels, YouTube is the go-to video-sharing platform. The fierce competition in this field is evident by the numerous channels available. As a content creator, finding the best equipment, location, and editing tools is essential to generate high-quality content to keep your subscribers engaged. However, keeping viewers interested in your channel is easier said than done. To ensure your videos get noticed in the sea of content, you must take proactive steps towards creating an influential YouTube channel. Here are 10 youtube tips to grow a new channel in 2023.

YouTube Tips to Grow

Consistent Posting

If you look at popular YouTube channels, you’ll notice they post content consistently. When starting your channel, striving for perfection in every video is not feasible. Assessing your resources and creating a posting schedule that works for you is better. Stick to the plan and produce consistent content. Pushing yourself to be productive from the start can become a habit over time.

Doing the Homework

Nowadays, you don’t require a degree in filmmaking to produce high-quality videos. Research and analyze content from famous TV shows and streaming platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime. You can learn valuable lessons in lighting, production quality, camera angles, and more by watching quality content. You can then apply these techniques to your own YouTube videos and enhance the overall quality of your content.

Gearing Up

To make great videos, you need the right gear. For camcorders, look for built-in stabilization, 50x optic zoom, 1080p resolution, and an APS-C sensor. Smartphones should have stabilization, low-light compatibility, 13MB resolution, and 128GB storage. Digital cameras need 1080p resolution, optical zoom, and a mic input. For the best quality, use a DSLR with 25,600 ISO, 24-60 fps, and autofocus in video mode.

Setting The Right Benchmark

It’s important to maintain consistency on your YouTube channel, but quality should also be a top priority. To ensure high quality, consider removing any parts of the video that may lower its standards. Take the time to thoroughly edit your video, so that only the best content is showcased to your viewers..

Avoiding Overdoing It

If you’re starting a YouTube channel, avoiding over-editing your videos is essential. While 3D effects and contrast graphics can help emphasize a point, they may only be required for some videos. Simplicity is often the most effective approach. It allows viewers to experience the content in its raw form, making it easier for them to connect with and relate to the material.

Establishing A Pattern

As a YouTube content creator, it’s crucial to maintain consistency throughout all your videos. You can achieve this by including brand colors, logos, taglines, or a specific genre of music. Doing so will help create a recognizable brand image and increase your channel’s visibility. By making your track more memorable, viewers will be more likely to return, and your popularity will grow.

Transcribing Your Video

It’s important to transcribe any video content you upload to YouTube. This is because search engines don’t index captions, so transcribing your video can improve your online visibility. Additionally, transcriptions make it possible for your video to reach a wider audience, including viewers who have their devices on mute, are hearing impaired, or don’t understand the language of the video. Research shows that adding captions can increase views on YouTube videos by 7.32%.

SEO Optimization Of Video

The addition of primary keywords to the video title and secondary keywords in the description gives a significant boost to the online visibility of your video. Pay special attention to the description section, as this will help a potential viewer get a perspective on your video. You can further optimize your video by adding tags that categorize the videos and assist in ensuring that it reaches the target audience.

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Adding Call-To-Actions (CTAs) And YouTube Cards

Using CTAs and YouTube cards can guide viewers to other relevant content on your channel. If your videos are related, CTAs at the end of each video can help steer viewers in the right direction. Utilizing YouTube Analytics can also help identify where viewers tend to drop off, allowing for the strategic placement of YouTube cards to direct viewers to other videos on your channel.

Developing A Thick Skin

If you’re considering starting your own YouTube channel, you’re aware of the benefits it can convey. However, it’s important to remember that only some people on the platform are friendly. Any mistakes you make can be amplified, and you should be prepared to handle criticism and distinguish between constructive feedback and hurtful comments. Developing a strong sense of resilience will allow you to brush off negative comments.

Every YouTube journey is unique, and it’s impossible always to please everyone. Here are some tips to help you start your YouTube channel and attract viewers. Through trial and error, you’ll figure out what works best for you. Good luck on your journey!

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