Power BI Course Syllabus

With our Power BI Course at Softloom IT Training, you’ll go on a data-driven adventure that takes you from HTML, CSS, SQL to the powerful landscape of Power BI. Learn how to visualize data, model data, and use Tableau and Cloud Computing to unlock meaningful insights. Our comprehensive Power BI course syllabus ensures you gain expertise in visualizations, data modeling, and cloud applications. Get top-notch Power BI training in Kochi and elevate your business intelligence skills.

Mod 1: 

Web Concepts: 


Mod 2: 

Power BI Fundamentals

Introduction to tools and terminology, dashboard, Power BI Desktop. Getting data: Excel vs Power BI Desktop & Service, naming for Q&A, DirectQuery vs Import Data.

Introduction to Modeling, Setup and Manage Relationships, Cardinality, and Cross Filtering. Default Summarization & Sort by, Creating Calculated Columns, Creating Measures & Quick Measures.

Creating Visualizations, Color & Conditional Formatting, Setting Sort Order Scatter & Bubble Charts & Play Axis, Slicers, Tooltips, Cross Filtering and Highlighting, Visual, Page and Report Level Filters, Drill Down/Up, Hierarchies, Constant  Lines, Tables, Matrices & Table Conditional Formatting, KPI’s, Cards & Gauges, Map  Visualizations, Custom Visuals, Managing and Arranging, Drillthrough, Custom Report Themes, Grouping and Binning, Bookmarks & Buttons, Decomposition Tree.

Introduction to the Power BI Service, Standalone Tiles 

Sharing Options Overview, Publish from Power BI Desktop, Publish Reports to  Web, Printing, PDFs and Exporting to PowerPoint, Export Data from a Visualization.

Mod 3:                        


Creating Basic Visualizations ,Tableau Desktop UI,  

Connecting to Data, Filtering and Sorting Data, Creating Groups and Hierarchies,- Date Functionality, Mapping, Heat Map and Highlight Table, Calculations, Histogram, Dashboards and Actions, Sharing your Work. 

Mod 4: 


Regions, Security Configuration, EC2, Identity management (IAM), Users, Roles, Privileges, Storage (EBS, S3 Bucket, Glacier), Different Type of Instances (Spot, On demand) Availability.  

Groups, Load Balancing (ELB), VPC, subnets, Direct Connect, VLAN, BGP,  CodeStar, Code Commit, Code Artifact, Code Build, Code Deploy, CloudTrail, Cloud watch, SQS, SNS, BeanStack, LightSail, Lambda, SageMaker, RDS, EMR
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