Flutter syllabus

Module 1

  1.  Introduction to DART programming
  2.  Integrated development environment (IDE)
  3.  Running a simple DART program
  4.  DART Syntax
  5.  DART data types
  6.  DART variables
  7.  DART operators
  8.  DART loops
  9.  DART decision making statements
  10.  DART enumerations
  11.  DART functions
  12.  DART classes
  13.  DART objects
  14.  DART collections
  15.  DART async
  16.  DART exceptions
  17.  DART packages
  18.  DART libraries
  19.  DART debugging

Module 2

  1. Flutter introduction
  2. Flutter Architecture
  3. Flutter installation (IDE : Android studio)
  4. Building app from scratch
  5. Running flutter app
  6. Flutter widgets
  7. Flutter state management
  8. Flutter animation
  9. Flutter layouts
  10. Flutter gestures
  11. Flutter Packages
  12. Introduction to API ‘s
  13. Firebase

Module 3

  1. What is Database?
  2. Databases Supporting Flutter Applications
  3. Linking Flutter App with Database
  4. Retrieving Data from Database

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