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Smartphones have altered our world over the last ten years. More people than ever are using smartphones for a variety of purposes. Android developers are in demand as the number of people using Android smartphones rises.

Android is an open-source mobile operating system that has been used to develop a wide range of mobile applications. It was introduced by Google in September 2008 after being created by the Open Handset Alliance, a group of developers. Android, the operating system that powers many different brands of smartphones and tablets, is used everywhere.

Why Should You Consider an Android Development Career?

Android Development Career

  • Open-source software

The operating system Android is open source. It is a mobile operating system built on Linux that makes its source code available for usage by anyone. Because it makes it simple for developers to modify and alter the programming codes, it gives them a lot of freedom.

  • Huge market share for devices

The last ten years have seen Android become the most popular smartphone operating system worldwide. However, it is no longer merely an OS for smartphones but also used in Google Glass, Android TV, Android Wear, and e-readers. Since Android powers each of these devices, the fundamentals of development are essentially the same for all of them.

Large corporations are actively seeking Android developers as a result of the expanding market share of Android apps, which has led to Android development’s current status as the most sought-after professional career path.

You can make your Android apps available to millions of consumers globally once you master Android development and begin creating apps.

  • Numerous job possibilities

With the market’s rapid growth, there is a rising demand for Android developers. Therefore, it will be straightforward for you to acquire a competitive wage package if you decide to pursue a career in Android development.

This is the best time to hone your Android abilities and begin your job search, regardless of your level of experience with the platform.

  • Flexibility

You can work from any location you wish to take the Android development career. Nowadays, many well-known companies allow their workers to work remotely. Simply make sure that your experience and skills stand out in your job applications.

  • Simple to Understand

Java programming language expertise is primarily needed for Android development. Many developers’ first exposure to the concepts of object-oriented design was through Java, which is one of the simplest coding languages to learn. You may easily make effective Android applications if you have a basic understanding of Java.

  • More than enough online courses
    Online Training

There are a huge number of courses that will aid you in gaining all the knowledge necessary to become a fully qualified Android developer if you are a newbie and unsure of where to begin.

Android Development Course

Not only is Android development a simple skill to pick up, but it is also in high demand. You offer yourself the best chance to achieve whatever job goals you set by learning Android development. With the aid of an Android training institute offering online/offline classes, you can improve your abilities as an android expert.

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