Django Interview Questions

Whether you’re a beginner exploring Django or an experienced developer, these questions cover the basics and some practical aspects of the popular web development framework Django.

Django is a powerful tool that simplifies web development with Python. As you go through these questions, you’ll get a grasp of Django’s key features, its project structure, and various components like models, views, and templates.

From user authentication to handling sessions and understanding Django Rest Framework (DRF) for building APIs, these questions aim to make Django concepts easy to understand. So, whether you’re gearing up for an interview or just want to solidify your Django knowledge, let’s dive into the world of Django with simplicity and clarity!

django interview questions

Basic Questions on Django

  1. What is Django?
  2. What are Django’s most prominent features?
  3. Can you name some companies that use Django?
  4. Why do web developers prefer Django?
  5. What is CRUD?
  6. Does Django have any drawbacks?
  7. What does Django architecture look like?
  8. Explain the Django project directory structure.
  9. What are models in Django?
  10. What are the views in Django?
  11. What is Django ORM? 
  12. What are Django-admin and and explain their commands?
  13. What is Jinja templating?
  14. What are Django URLs?
  15. What are the different model inheritance styles in Django?
  16. In Django’s context, what’s the difference between a project and an app?
  17. Discuss Django’s Request/Response Cycle.
  18. What is the Django Admin interface?
  19. Explain user authentication in Django.
  20. What databases are supported by Django?
  21. What do you use middleware for in Django?
  22. Does Django support multiple-column primary keys?
  23. What is Django Rest Framework(DRF)?
  24. Which file is responsible for the configurations of the Django applications?
  25. What is the difference between authentication and authorization in Django?
  26. What are decorators in Django? How can you use them for authorization purposes?
  27. What is caching, and why is it important in web applications?
  28. Explain the concept of Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) and how Django protects against it.
  29. How does Django handle sessions? Explain the session framework.
  30. What are session cookies? How does Django manage session cookies?
  31. What is DTL and explain its key features

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